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Clinical research studies seek to advance and improve treatment options for a variety of conditions, including inflammation in people with chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease (including heart attack or stroke). These studies are designed to answer questions about the safety and effectiveness of potential new medicines.

Quick Facts

Clinical research studies must be performed before a new medicine or treatment can be approved for use and made available to the public.

There are common traits that people must have to participate in a study, called eligibility criteria. Common criteria include age, sex, medical history, and other medical conditions.

Right now, there are more than 400,000 research studies in progress around the world.1

Many conditions affect diverse groups of people, so it is important to have diverse groups of people participating in research. Different people may respond differently to treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The ZEUS Study is evaluating whether the study medicine reduces the risk of having cardiovascular events (such as a heart attack or stroke) in people with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and inflammation. You may be able to take part in the ZEUS Study if you:


  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Have had a stroke or heart attack, and have insufficient blood flow in your legs
  • Have chronic kidney disease that does not require dialysis or a transplant
  • Are able to attend regular clinic visits and receive phone calls for the length of the study

The study involves up to 20 visits to the study center, which take place over the course of up to 4 years. Eight of the visits are estimated to take around 2 hours each. The other visits take around 1 hour each. Participants receive either the active study medicine or a placebo (something that looks like the study medicine but has no effect on the body), both supplied in a prefilled syringe. Participants have an equal chance of receiving either the study medicine or a placebo.


If you participate, you will have frequent contact with the study doctor, who will monitor your health and your cardiovascular system. Your doctor will also seek to provide you with the best standard of care to ensure that your cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease are well-controlled during the study, regardless of whether you are receiving the study medicine or a placebo.

If eligible, participation can last up to 4 years.

The medicine being investigated in this study is an antibody that targets the part of the immune system that drives the buildup of fat in blood vessels.

Do not discontinue any medicine unless you are advised to do so by the study center staff or your primary care provider.

There is no cost to you for participating in this study.

Clinical research studies are designed in specific ways, and 1 or more of the answers that you provided were outside of the guidelines for this study. This does not mean you will not qualify for different research studies.

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